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Apr 26: Sean's Run from Autism

Apr 26: Walk for Wishes

Apr 26: Western Oregon University Triathlon

Apr 26: March for Babies

Apr 26: Oregon State Penitentiary 5K/10K Runs

Apr 26: Discover Spring 5K/10K

Apr 26: Cow Pie Classic

Apr 26: Race for Hope 5K Run/Walk

Apr 26: Stayton River Run

Apr 26: Pat's Shadow Run

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Recovery Archive

  • Spring Clinic Begins

    Spring Clinic Begins

    The Spring Women’s Clinic begins today. A big welcome to all the women who are registered, 117! And a huge thank you to all the group leaders! We couldn’t do it without you. I’m excited to get this one off the ground.  And while there’s...

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  • 3 Rules for Healthy Running

    3 Rules for Healthy Running

    For years, the Team GFR Training Programs have repeatedly reinforced these three simple rules for staying healthy.  Follow them and your running will continue to improve over time and you will minimize your risk of getting injured. Here is a nice video reminder from Bart...

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  • Susan’s Recovery Update: 2-6-11

    Susan’s Recovery Update: 2-6-11

    On Dec 30th I had ankle reconstruction. Fast forward to 2/11 and I get the CAST OFF! Progress! Then I’ll wear a boot for 4-6 weeks, with gradual weight-bearing and I’ll be able to get in the pool again and sweat! Progress! People ask what...

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  • Why Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a Good Thing – Running Times Magazine

    Why Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a Good Thing – Running Times Magazine

    Nicely written article from Running Times Magazine on why you don’t always hurt the day after a race or hard workout.  DOMS or Delayed Muscle Onset Syndrome appears on day 2 or day 3 after a more intense workout, race, long run, or hilly run. ...

    Full Story

  • Are You Breathing?

    Are You Breathing?

    As with any form of exercise, proper breathing techniques are a foundational element for success when using Trigger Point Performance tools and methods. Deep nasal breaths provide a steady stream of oxygen to the lower lobes of the lungs where blood oxygen transfer is at...

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  • KT Tape (Kinesio-Tape) for knee pains

    KT Tape (Kinesio-Tape) for knee pains

    As we increase the miles and intensity in a training program there seems to be an increase in the reports of knee discomfort.  We have an answer at GFR!  A product called KT Tape. Professional athletes in all sports have been using this for years,...

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  • Trigger Point Performance

    Trigger Point Performance

    Keep track of new exercises and ways to keep your muscles healthy by using Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools.  All of these tools are available at Gallagher Fitness Resources.  Sign up for a class at Gallagher’s to learn how to use these great tools for...

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  • Insights from Susan – Recovery

    Insights from Susan – Recovery

    I worked with Dick Brown for over a year in the mid 90′s while training for the 1500 (the metric mile). On a side note, Dick has coached several world class athletes, including former olympians. I thanked him and said to Dick, the training element I...

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